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When learning is shaped to the individual, expect a classroom that is thriving, buzzing and ready to set the world on fire.

We stand for learning

Born from a passion to see the ‘most sedentary generation in history’ become the most active, engaged and connected generation yet.

Stand up for your best education.

HiJo has been developed to help
re-engineer learning environments to promote socialisation, empower students, inform teachers and create a world where it is normal to move and connect. Research is telling us that changes
need to be made and part of changing
is moving towards individualising the classroom experience.

HiJo is where learning gets personal. From movement to mood to connectivity and learning preferences, HiJo tells the individual students’ story, resulting in decidedly personalised outcomes. Importantly, this is a tool that gives the child a voice in how they learn.

A friend to students, assistant to teachers and a window to parents – Say “Hi” to Jo.

Using sensor technology and the latest in AI (Artificial Intelligence) Analytics, HiJo is able to track movement, proximity to other students, learn mood patterns and understand environmental preferences such as light and temperature.

HiJo software is a ‘Neon Mosaic’ K-12 intranet in a box solution that comes with a predefined, individual portal for the student, the teacher, school district and parents. The data collected provides insight into a students’ engagement and their physical and emotional development. A discreet communication link to the teacher and parents can bring everyone into the HiJo learning loop.

HiJo for schools

Stand up for your best education.

Students are empowered to choose how they engage, experience learning and seek assistance. HiJo will  learn how individuals learn best via data collection.

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Hijo Control Panel

Mobilising the classroom.

Students are discreetly invited to input their mood via the HiJo module. By also tracking movement we get unique insights into their overall wellbeing.

HiJo Fact: 01

HiJo module captures student’s mood, movement and connection

HiJo Fact: 02

A learning profile is built from this data

HiJo Fact: 03

Students receive a tailored and personalised experience

HiJo Fact: 04

Parents are invited into the ‘learning loop’ with a window to the student’s wellbeing.

Roll call just got a whole lot more interesting.

Teachers will love HiJo too. The technology gives the teacher, a 360 degree view of students.

The data smart class.

Data informed platforms are no longer the domain of big business as teachers nurturing the next generation can now access the same tools. From discovering the learning habits of individuals to how they interact with others, HiJo will empower decisions in the classroom.


We’ve been thinking on our feet for years…

Design Thinking sessions and workshops with hundreds of teachers, students and parents across North America and Australia have contributed to the refined, practical appearance and technical functionality of the HiJo unit.